PRODUCTION UNIT   Since the year 2001 the company is activated in the processing of rice. The newly build production unit is located in Sindos, and distances 10km from the commercial port and 0,5km from the route artery Thessaloniki - Athens.
  The building infrastructure seizes 5.000m, situated in a building plot of 2, 1 hectares. The location of the unit constitutes easily feasible the transport of the product by navigation, route, railway.

   The mechanical equipment of the unit is based on pick technology, in the specific production sector of parboiling, milling and energy production by burning of biomass.
  The parboiling section function is based on the method of "continus flow of the product", which guarantees homogeneous, stable and premium quality. The technical equipment of the unit provides flexibility and capability to comply with the various quality exigencies of the market for parboiled rice, concerning the nuance of colour and resistance in boiling.

  The milling section comprises of pre cleaners, de stoners, thickness and length graders, metal detectors, colosortex, polishers.

  The energy production plant by the burning of biomass (rice husk) assures availability in steam, prerequisite of the parboiling treatment. The collection of burning emissions is effected by adequate filters.

  The storage capacity in paddy rice comes up to 10.000Mt.